The Rules

The Game

Each round, one player draws a card from the deck, picks a category of their choosing (movies, music, shows, games or events), and reads the title out loud. Moving clockwise, the other players take turns guessing the year it was released. Whichever player guesses closest to the actual release date wins the card. The first player to get ten (10) cards wins the game.

Basic Rules

  • The starting player is chosen at random and the play goes clockwise.
  • There can be no duplicate guesses. If a player guesses the exact date, that player wins the card immediately.
  • If there is a tie, whoever is the closest without going over wins the card. This only matters in a tie.
  • Topic years vary from 1960-2010.




Gameplay Variations:


Use the cards for a friendly game of charades. The opposing team picks the category, then the drawer must act out the title for their team to guess. But no talking! Or maybe talking? We don't really care.

The Game Show

Basic Rules apply, but the winning guess must be the closest without going over the release date, not just for ties.


Basic Rules apply, but the winning guess must be the exact release date. The drawer receives the card if none of the answers are correct. Go ahead, flex on ‘em.


Basic Rules apply, but anyone that does not receive a card that round must take a drink. If someone guesses the date exactly, the drawer must take a drink. If there is a tie, everyone drinks, and no one wins.

Free Play

Get rid of the confines of the cards and use your imagination! Just use a reliable search engine to verify the answers. Enjoy!

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