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What is Dated?

Dated is a pop-culture trivia game where the player who guesses closest to the actual release date wins! In Dated, one player draws a card from the deck, picks a category, and reads the title out loud. All other players take turns guessing the year that title was released. Whoever guesses closest to the actual release date wins the card. The first player to get 10 cards wins the game. Pretty simple, right?

Now you're probably wondering "what type of trivia is it?" I am glad you probably asked.

Dated contains over 500 of the most memorable movies, songs, shows, games, and events from 1960 to 2010. Have fun reliving your fondest memories as you try to answer the question, "what year did that come out again?"

Intended for 3 or more players and ages 13 and up, this game is made for party game nights!

What makes it fun? All the nostalgia!

Traditional trivia games require specific knowledge about the topic being discussed. Dated only requires you to guess the release date - you don't even have to be exact to win! It's less about knowing a bunch of facts, and more about relating the topics to events in your life. The leads to conversations like "I was in middle school when I watched this", or "I heard this for the first time when I was in college", or even "I remember where I was when this happened". Dated is a casual trivia game where anyone can win, while everyone has fun.

Want to get a sample?

We created this playlist with all of the songs from the game. It's great for reminiscing during your Friday morning commute, or to use as a quick way to listen to a song after remembering it while playing Dated!

Interested in something a little more challenging? Be sure to check out our alternative rules page for more fun ways to play!

Customer Reviews

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Lucinda Ruby
Great Game!

I gave games to several of my co-workers--- people of varying ages and interests and they all give it a thumbs up! Highly recommend this game!

Dose of nostalgia

Immediately upon opening the shipping box the nostalgia hit hard! Great design for the box and cards, perfect for any game night, and perfect for everyone!


Well packed for shipping, fun retro style, and intriguing premise for a game.

Fun times

Great game fun for everyone

Alivia Baron

Love it!